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Physics3DColliderDes Struct Reference

The description of Physics3DCollider. More...

Public Attributes

 shape pointer
cocos2d::Mat4 originalTransform
 original world Transform
bool isTrigger
 Is collider a trigger?
float friction
 the friction
var friction
 the friction
local friction
 the friction
float rollingFriction
 the rolling friction
float restitution
 the restitution
var restitution
 the restitution
local restitution
 the restitution
float hitFraction
 the hit fraction
float ccdSweptSphereRadius
 the swep sphere radius
var ccdSweptSphereRadius
 the swep sphere radius
local ccdSweptSphereRadius
 the swep sphere radius
float ccdMotionThreshold
 the motion threshold

Detailed Description

The description of Physics3DCollider.

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