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CustomCommand Class Reference

#include <CCCustomCommand.h>

Inheritance diagram for CustomCommand:

Public Member Functions

 CustomCommand ()
 ~CustomCommand ()
void init (float globalZOrder, const Mat4 &modelViewTransform, uint32_t flags)
var init ( var globalZOrder, var modelViewTransform, var flags)
local init ( local globalZOrder, local modelViewTransform, local flags)
void init (float depth)
void execute ()
bool isTranslucent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RenderCommand
void init (float globalZOrder, const Mat4 &modelViewTransform, uint32_t flags)
 init function, will be called by all the render commands More...
float getGlobalOrder () const
 Get Render Command Id. More...
Type getType () const
 Returns the Command type. More...
bool isTransparent () const
 Retruns whether is transparent. More...
void setTransparent (bool isTransparent)
 set transparent flag More...
bool isSkipBatching () const
void setSkipBatching (bool value)
bool is3D () const
void set3D (bool value)
float getDepth () const

Public Attributes

std::function< void()> func

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from RenderCommand
enum  Type {
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RenderCommand
 RenderCommand ()
virtual ~RenderCommand ()
local ~RenderCommand ()
void printID ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from RenderCommand
Type _type
float _globalOrder
bool _isTransparent
bool _skipBatching
bool _is3D
float _depth

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

var CustomCommand ( )
local CustomCommand ( )
var ~CustomCommand ( )
local ~CustomCommand ( )

Member Function Documentation

void execute ( )
var execute ( )
local execute ( )
void init ( float  globalZOrder,
const Mat4 modelViewTransform,
uint32_t  flags 
var init ( var  globalZOrder,
var  modelViewTransform,
var  flags 
local init ( local  globalZOrder,
local  modelViewTransform,
local  flags 
void init ( float  depth)
var init ( var  depth)
local init ( local  depth)
bool isTranslucent ( )
var isTranslucent ( )
local isTranslucent ( )

Member Data Documentation

std::function<void()> func
var func
local func

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