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Clonable Class Referenceabstract

Interface that defines how to clone an Ref. More...

Inherited by Action, Animation, AnimationFrame, PointArray, and SpriteFrame.

Public Member Functions

virtual Clonableclone () const =0
 Returns a copy of the Ref. More...
Refcopy () const
 Returns a copy of the Ref. More...

Detailed Description

Interface that defines how to clone an Ref.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Clonable* clone ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns a copy of the Ref.

Implemented in ActionFloat, TargetedAction, Animate, ReverseTime, DelayTime, TintBy, TintTo, FadeOut, FadeIn, FadeTo, Blink, ScaleBy, ScaleTo, BezierTo, BezierBy, JumpTo, JumpBy, ResizeBy, ResizeTo, SkewBy, SkewTo, MoveTo, MoveBy, Twirl, SplitCols, RotateBy, SplitRows, EaseBezierAction, EaseElasticInOut, EaseElasticOut, Waves, JumpTiles3D, EaseElasticIn, RotateTo, CallFuncN, Liquid, WavesTiles3D, EaseInOut, ReuseGrid, Spawn, EaseOut, EaseIn, StopGrid, CallFunc, Follow, EaseCubicActionInOut, Shaky3D, EaseCubicActionOut, TurnOffTiles, EaseCubicActionIn, EaseCircleActionInOut, DeccelAmplitude, EaseCircleActionOut, CatmullRomBy, EaseCircleActionIn, EaseQuinticActionInOut, RepeatForever, EaseQuinticActionOut, EaseQuinticActionIn, Ripple3D, FadeOutDownTiles, EaseQuarticActionInOut, Place, CatmullRomTo, EaseQuarticActionOut, AccelAmplitude, EaseQuarticActionIn, EaseQuadraticActionInOut, Animation, Speed, FadeOutUpTiles, EaseQuadraticActionOut, EaseQuadraticActionIn, CardinalSplineBy, FlipY, EaseBackInOut, EaseBackOut, Repeat, FadeOutBLTiles, AccelDeccelAmplitude, EaseBackIn, SpriteFrame, EaseBounceInOut, FlipX, FadeOutTRTiles, Lens3D, EaseBounceOut, CardinalSplineTo, FiniteTimeAction, EaseBounceIn, TiledGrid3DAction, EaseSineInOut, RemoveSelf, EaseSineOut, Sequence, EaseSineIn, EaseExponentialInOut, FlipY3D, ToggleVisibility, EaseExponentialOut, ShuffleTiles, EaseExponentialIn, PointArray, OrbitCamera, Grid3DAction, Hide, AnimationFrame, FlipX3D, LuaCallFunc, ActionInterval, ShatteredTiles3D, ProgressFromTo, ActionTween, Show, Animate3D, Waves3D, Action, ActionCamera, PageTurn3D, GridAction, ProgressTo, ShakyTiles3D, and ActionInstant.

Ref* copy ( ) const

Returns a copy of the Ref.

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