Create a SpriteSheet

To create a SpriteSheet, do the following,

1 On the toolbar, click New File button.


2 Select SpriteSheet on the pop up window, and then click New.


3 Select an image from project manager, drag it to the canvas. Currently Cocos Studio only supports .png and .jpg file types.


Specify SpriteSheet Properties


Size: The size of the current SpriteSheet. Size property varies with other properties.

Allow Any Size: If checked, this option will ignore the power of 2 size limit, SpriteSheet can be any image size.

Allow Clipping: When checked, the editor will automatically trim SpriteSheet to ensure its size minimized.

Maximum size: The maximum size that cocos will allow for SpriteSheet. If the file size exceeds the limit, the sections that exceed will be excluded from the SpriteSheet.

Type: File type of SpriteSheet, supporting .png and .jpg format images.

Spacing: The gap between resources. Spacing can prevent resources from overlapping.

Allow Rotation: When checked, resources will automatically rotate to the best angle for a SpriteSheet.

Export SpriteSheet: Export .plist and .png files for SpriteSheets.