Customize Cocos Precompiled Library


The following section provides guidance on how to custom Cocos2d-x precompiled library for your games.

Version Requirement

Customizing cocos2d-x precompiled library requires Cocos v3.10 or higher. This document is used for version v3.10 or higher.

The directories below are based on v3.10 and the installation of Cocos v3.10.

How to customize Cocos2d-x precompiled library

Customizing cocos2d-x precompiled library is actually modifying its source codes. After the installation of Cocos 3.10, you can customize the cocos2d-x with IDE or code editors.

How to publish the custom Cocos2d-x

Build a new precompiled library

There is a scripting tool in Cocos2d-x-3.10 to compile source codes to precompiled library: cocos gen-libs.

The following is a detailed description of how to use this scripting tool:

usage: cocos gen-libs [-h] [-c] [-e ENGINE_PATH] [-p {ios,mac,android,win32}]
                      [-m {debug,release}] [--dis-strip] [--vs VS_VERSION]
                      [--app-abi APP_ABI]

Generate prebuilt libs of engine. The libs will be placed in 'prebuilt' folder
of the engine root path.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c                    Remove the 'prebuilt' folder at first.
  -e ENGINE_PATH        Specify the engine path. Default is the engine root
                        path of current tools.
  -p {ios,mac,android,win32}
                        Specify the target platform. Can specify multi
                        platform by using '-p' multi times. Default generate
                        all available platforms.
  -m {debug,release}, --mode {debug,release}
                        Generate cocos libs for debug or release. Default is
  --dis-strip           Disable the strip of the generated libs.

Windows Options:
  --vs VS_VERSION       Specify the Visual Studio version, such as 2013.
                        Default find available version automatically.

Android Options:
  --app-abi APP_ABI     Set the APP_ABI of ndk-build. Can be multi value
                        separated with ':'. Sample : --app-aib
                        armeabi:x86:mips. Default value is 'armeabi'.

For example:

  1. cocos gen-libs -c : Clear previous precompiled library and compile all platforms.
  2. cocos gen-libs -p win32 --vs 2013 : Compile Win32 platform with Visual Studio 2013.

Precompiled library will be created in the following directory Cocos2d-x/cocos2d-x-v3.10/prebuilt. Include the new precompiled library to game projects.