How to fix cocos run -p web error

Symptom 1

If the project created based on Framework 3.6 calls cocos run-p web with Framework 3.9, there might be error message.

Solution: Change the Output Directory to "simulator". In Framework 3.6, the Output Directory for lua win32 is "runtime", Framework 3.9 has changed the directory to "simulator".

Symptom 2

Cannot select a version of Visual Studio.

Solution: Add --vs parameter in command line. For example, VS2015 will be forced to use with the command --vs 2015.

Symptom 3

If you have installed VS2013 and VS2015 at the same time, compile error messages might be displayed on Framework 3.6 and versions before that.

Solution: Please install Framework 3.9. In Framework 3.9, appropriate VS version will be selected according to the engine's version, for Framework 3.9 has updated the console command logic.