Cocos Studio is EOL'd

Cocos Studio has been EOL'd as of April 2016. There will be no more releases of Cocos Studio.

The last version of Cocos Studio is v3.10 and can be downloaded for Mac and Windows. This version of Cocos Studio requires version v3.10 of Cocos2d-x. This version of Cocos Studio works best in Windows 7 and OS X 10.10.

If you update Cocos2d-x to a version greater than v3.10, you may experience compatibility issues. If you run Cocos Studio on Windows 10 or OS X 10.11, you may experience compatibility issues.



Cocos Studio, a free cross-platform game development editor supporting Cocos2d-x, helps developers build 2D and 3D game scenes, edit game UI and other game resources quickly and efficiency. Supporting TexturePacker, Particle Designer, Tiled Map Editor, 3ds Max and other excellent 3rd party resources, Cocos Studio meets every game studios' needs. Utilizing the included templates, it is easy to get started with Cocos Studio.


  Workspace Overview

General Project Workflow

  Scenes and UI



  Coding and Debugging

  Package and Runtime Environment Settings


  Basic Objects




  UI Layout and Multi-resolution Support


  Rulers and Guides


  Create 2D SpriteSheet Animation

  Key Frames

  Create a Frame Event

  Create a Skeletal Animation

  Edit Skeletal Animation

  How to: Create a Skeletal Animation with cocos

  Use Skeletal Animation


  Create 3D Scenes

  3D Model Overview

  3D Particles Overview


  3D Keyboard Shortcuts

  3D Node Overview



Custom Widgets

  Widgets Extension

  Properties Extension

  Customizing Exported Data Formats


Edit Cocos Games with IDE

  Callback Feature

  Create Custom Data

  Load Exported Data

  Customize Cocos Framework & Simulator

Studio FAQ

  1 No Android Devices Found

  2 How to: Debug Browser Preview

  3 How to: Use CCLog to Debug project based on precompiled library

  4 How to: Use FBX File

  5 How to: Load SpriteSheet Correctly

  6 How to: Preload Resources

  7 How to: Automatically Wrap Text and Adjust Height of Text

  8 Two Automatic Recursive Function on UIHelper

  9 Issues about Upgrading or Downgrading Framework

  10 How to: Load Data Exported from cocos

  11 How to: Import Project from v1.6

  12 Customize Framework(v3.7)

  13 Customize Framework(v3.8~3.9)

  14 Customize precompiled library(v3.10)

  15 How to: Fix Packaging and Running Issues

  16 How to: Simplify Widgets Initial Resources

  17 How to: Run Previous Versions of Addins in cocos

  18 How to: Fix cocos Run Error?