Importing Projects from other Editors

You can import projects from other editors by the Main Menu File->Import Project. Currently supported project types:


  1. Click the right menu item, there will be a Open File dialog.
  2. Select a file with the specified extension like this:


  3. When Cocos Creator is processing the import, logs will be output in Console. The log looks like this:


    Details: The full path of the imported project. Log the file is now importing. When the importing is finished, you will see a line like this: Import XXX project finished.. (XXX should be the project type.) Last, the url of imported resources will be shown.

The time of importing depends on the size of the project. When it's importing, please don't operate Cocos Creator. You should wait for the import to be finished.

Details of Importing Cocos Studio Projects


Special Instructions

The feature of importing a Cocos Studio project is developed & tested on Cocos Studio 3.10. If you want to import an old version project, please import it to Cocos Studio 3.10 first. Then import the Cocos Studio 3.10 project to Cocos Creator.

Details of Importing Cocos Builder Projects


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