Package module for manipulating packages.


Editor.Package.load (path, callback)

Load a package at path.

Editor.Package.unload (path, callback)

Unload a package at path.

Editor.Package.reload (path, callback)

Reload a package at path.

Editor.Package.panelInfo (panelID)

Find and get panel info via panelID, the panel info is the JSON object that defined in panels.{panel-name} in your package.json.

Editor.Package.packageInfo (path)

Find and get package info via path, the package info is the JSON object of your package.json file.

Editor.Package.packagePath (name)

Return the path of the package by name.

Editor.Package.addPath (path)

Add package search path.

Editor.Package.removePath (path)

Remove package search path.

Editor.Package.resetPath ()

Reset path.

Editor.Package.find (name)

Find and return the package path via name.



Return current language setting.


Return package search path list.


Return the version of sub modules.

IPC Messages

Message: 'editor:package-query-info'

Message: 'editor:package-query-infos'

Message: 'editor:package-reload'