Editor.Panel.close (panelID)

Close a panel via panelID.

Editor.Panel.dock (panelID, frameEL)

Cache a panel frame and send editor:panel-dock to main

Editor.Panel.dumpLayout ()

Dump the layout of the panels in current window.

Editor.Panel.newFrame (panelID, cb)

Create a simple panel frame via panelID.

Editor.Panel.extend (proto)

Extends a panel.

Editor.Panel.find (panelID)

Find panel frame via panelID.

Editor.Panel.focus (panelID)

Focus panel via panelID.

Editor.Panel.getFocusedPanel ()

Get current focused panel.

Editor.Panel.getPanelInfo (panelID)

Get panel info via panelID.

Editor.Panel.isDirty (panelID)

Check if the specific panel is dirty.

Editor.Panel.open (panelID, argv)

Open a panel via panelID.

Editor.Panel.popup (panelID)

Popup an exists panel via panelID.

Editor.Panel.undock (panelID)

Remove a panel element from document but do not close it.



Get panels docked in current window.

IPC Messages

Message: 'editor:panel-run'

Message: 'editor:panel-unload'

Message: 'editor:panel-out-of-date'