Extending JavaScript to better handle property and class inheritance.


Editor.JS.addon (obj, ...args)

Copy all properties not defined in obj from arguments[1...n] to it.

Editor.JS.assign (obj, ...args)

Copy all properties from arguments[1...n] to obj, return the mixed result.

Editor.JS.assignExcept (obj, src, except)

Copy all properties from arguments[1...n] to obj except the specific ones.

Editor.JS.clear (obj)

Removes all enumerable properties from object.

Editor.JS.copyprop (name, source, target)

Copy property by name from source to target.

Editor.JS.extend (cls, base)

Derive the class from the supplied base class.

Editor.JS.extract (obj, propNames)

Extract properties by propNames from obj, return the extracted result.

Editor.JS.getPropertyByPath (obj, path)

Get property by path.