Tool bar


Tool bar is at the top of the main editor window including five sets of control buttons or pieces of information that provide editing functions for specific panels and allow the user to conveniently implement workflows.

Transform Tools

transform tool

This provides the editing node transform attribute (position, rotation, scale, size) function for the scene editor. Please refer to use transform tool to place node for detailed information.

Gizmo Display Mode

This control is for setting display mode of the Transform Tool in scene editor with the two sets of buttons below.

gizmo position

Position mode:

gizmo rotation

Rotation mode:

Preview Game


This includes two buttons:

Preview Address

preview url

Here is shown the LAN address of the desktop computer running Cocos Creator. The mobile devices connected to the same local area network can access this address to preview and debug the game.

Open Project Folder

open project

Open the project folder in the operating system explorer or finder.