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A bug about template's GUID

By yuhun Posted 2012-11-11 09:17 Comments 1
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Today I start a new project on vs2012 for windows phone,then I found that it’s no problem to generate,but can’t deploy,it display the fault“Application identifier 30F105C9-681E-420b-A277-7C086EAD8A4E is not a valid application identifier.” At last,I opened assemblyinfo.cs of the template,found that “assembly: Guid” is not a string using Template Description Language,but a stationary string,I.E,every projects start from this template own a same GUID……

So I change it to“[assembly: Guid(”\$guid1\$“)]”,then everything OK.

I wonder if the heros who maintenance cocos2dx for xna can change this in the further version ?

(I used to start many projects on vs2010 for windows phone,never find this problem,but it occurs on vs 2012)
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#1 RE: 2012-11-13 02:49

this has been done - it’s in the latest GIT.

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