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Cak DuRae


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Cak DuRae is an acrobatic satay chef, he serves satay like never before. How you may ask? Why, he throws the ingredients up in the air and catch them as they fall, before serving them to the customer.

Cak Durae is a fun and fast-paced satay shop game. Catch the falling ingredients to serve the customer order. Faster service rewards the player with more money and higher score. Help Cak Durae on his satay shop across 4 different levels and serve 7 unique customers while avoiding rotten food and hazard objects.

Game Features
* Easy to play, fun and fast-paced satay action
* Complete all 30+ levels and unlock endless mode
* 7 unique customer from kids to elderly
* Colorful and fun graphic
* Unlock 20+ Achievements
* Compare your highscore in endless mode with your friends
* 4 Different locations
* Various ingredients including dangerous hazard object and rotten food that fall from the sky

Cak Durae need every customer he can find, please help him by sharing the news to the world

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