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Super Skateboarder


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It's time to go skateboarding!

Super Skateboarder is a fast-paced, yet addicting adventure game where Mr. Stick goes out to ride his skateboard. However, there is a problem: there are plenty of obstacles in the way for Mr. Stick to ride his skateboard safely. Help Mr. Stick collect coins while dodging the obstacles by making him jump over them in either Marathon mode or Time Trial mode!

Or take on the Missions mode through 3 worlds where he has to collect a certain amount of coins in each level while dodging the obstacles!

Tap the bottom right button to make Mr. Stick jump, and hold the bottom left button to make Mr. Stick duck or crouch. Just be careful not to hit or run into any of the obstacles, or else it is Game Over!Hey skaters! This update brings the following changes and improvements to Super Skateboarder:

- A bug fix that resolves the problem where a banner advertisement would appear in the middle of the screen during gameplay

- Some bug fixes to reduce the occasional crashing you may experience at times

Thank you for playing Super Skateboarder! In order to bring more features and more levels in future updates, please be sure to leave a rating for Super Skateboarder and check out & "Like" the Facebook page today at
Keep skating!

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