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Rocket Plane


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Rocket Plane is a game developed in Brazil, in which you have to fly a paper airplane that will face all kinds of obstacles, dodging the ground targets, or targets that fall from the sky with parachutes, and even wind flowers that are very dangerous and can boost your plane into a trap.

In the air battle to get the highest score, your goal as a pilot will be to complete all missions, and in a single flight travel the longest distance and hit as many missiles in targets.

You can play with 6 different models of paper airplanes, going through simple paper airplanes, gliders and even fighter jets. Each plane has its peculiar characteristic of flight that will test your skills as paper airplane pilot.

Besides worrying about all the obstacles and missiles, you should keep your plane in the air as long as possible, and it will need to collect the weathervane that will boost your aircraft at higher speeds, if you collect 3 weathervane in sequence your plane will reach to the double speed, then you'll only collect coins for a short period of time.

At any time you can also win a big surprise by capturing during the game or by purchasing a Mystery Box that will help you to unlock exclusives aircrafts.

Come on FLY with us!! Come FLY with ROCKET PLANE.

Rocket Plane is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in English and Portuguese.

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