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Cocomong Amusement Park

Sang MinSeo

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★Learn while playing at the Cocomong amusement park!★
★The basics all in one, Korean, alphabet, numbers, colors!★
★Every time you touch the screen a fun animation will pop pop pop!★
★”English/Korean” 2 different modes are offered making learning double effective!★
★If you touch the screen in a variety of places children will naturally learn text, numbers and colors!★

★Main Functions★

-Pop pop pop the round apples!! If you knock down the apples an image of the matching Korean will appear.
-Pop pop pop the bubbling soap bubbles! If you pop the soap bubbles an image of the matching alphabet's word will appear.
-Pop pop pop the bursting fireworks! If you burst the fireworks a number will appear..
Pop pop pop the flying balloons! If you pop the balloons the name of a color will appear.

Touch Cocomong's friends that are on the screen!
Pop pop pop, whenever you touch them a fun animation will go burst burst burst!
So..shall we go to Cocomong's amusement park now?

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