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Play Cooking in the woods

Sang MinSeo

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★ Chop, chop, chop~ It’s boiling~ Let’s play cooking.
There is food from four different countries in the restaurant in the forest.
Korean, Chinese, Western and Japanese foods are available so you can learn the ingredients from each country. Your children become cooks and they can mix the ingredients, chop the ingredients to make a dish. Through the cooking process children can improve their concentration and develop their motor skills. In addition, children who don’t like vegetables can learn to enjoy all types of food and not be picky, just like their friends in the forest.

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★ Information Hierarchy
① Social life>Develop interest in social phenomenon>Develop interest in different cultures.
② Healthy lifestyle>Understand my body> sensory motor coordination activities.

★ Goal
① Learn about the different foods in each country.
② Learn to like vegetables and develop good eating habits.
③ Improve concentration and develop motor skills through cooking.

★ Activity
① Choose out of Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Western food. Cut vegetables and cook the food to prepare a dish.
② Receive a medal after cooking and collect them to become the best cook.

★ Function Use a variety of cooking tools through touch interaction.
When you successfully complete each mission, a license is issued and a medal is given out. Medals can be collected.bug fix

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