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Kitty Words Magic

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Kitty Words Magic is a free educational game especially designed for kids that can be used to improve both English and Chinese vocabulary.

Kitty Words Magic is an educational game that combines word recognition, vocabulary and spelling in a fun and engaging manner. For a full version with more exciting scenes to explore and sights to be seen, upgrade to the full version, also available on the App Store.


* Combines English and Chinese words learning in one game

* Fun things combined with magical scenery and amusing sound effects keep your kids engaged while they simultaneously explore and learn

* Learning mode entertains your child for hours as they navigate through different scenes while learning new words

* Quiz mode helps your child to reinforce what she has learned by rewarding her for correctly associating words with pictures

* Slide your finger to easily navigate to other scenes to explore somewhere else

* Your child can learn and play at their own pace by skipping to other scenes at any time in the game

Kitty Words Magic will provide unlimited enjoyment for your child by showing them that learning is interesting and rewarding, but most importantly fun!

Download Kitty Words Magic and watch how quickly your childā€™s vocabulary expands and imagination soars!

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Kitty Words Magic was designed and developed by Kitty Pad. Our goal is to turn playing time into learning time!fix bugs

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