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The story took place in late qing dynasty.
Shang-ch 'ing tianshi command you to stop the invasion of the Chinese zombies, but you don't need to afraid, two strong roles will Carry a sharp weapon and fight together with you.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your weapons, set out as soon as possible! Our Zombie Expert, come on!

The Main Features
★ Puzzles and action, the first innovative game play.
★ Contains more than 160 levels, exciting and full of overwhelming joy!
★ Three distinctive character, let you play a master to clear zombies.
★ Several powerful items, as you finish using torture zombie!
★ Simple to fit, process to stimulate, easy to difficult, immersive, forget all about eating and sleeping, achievement satisfaction.
★ During the day and night with eerie mist, mysterious Oriental characteristic.
★ This game is the complexity of the puzzle are proved to the point of NP - hard by mathematicians.
★ Improve your IQ seven benefits, including memory, reasoning, attention, strain capacity, etc.

Game play

According to the terrain within the labyrinth players need push all kinds of seal stones to the specified pattern position. you can eliminate cracking to rescue the soul of the cylinder, and get the money, buy more items and other roles.

Do you think you are genius? Try it for you, this might be one of the most fun games, what are you waiting for? Never regret to download.

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