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I Recycle 2


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Do you know that recycling can be fun? Do not believe us? Try this game, it's FREE! Look at the pictures, it's wonderful.
You can deal with 18 different levels.
You have 400 items to recycle that will make you get lots of points.
Climb the world rankings and be the best player in the world in the art of recycling.
Share your scores on Facebook and let everyone know how good you are.

We are preparing a fun contest with great prizes and juicy news!
Now look at the pictures, beautiful? You just have to try it and if you like, leave us a comment.

The world is yours, take care of it and this game will help you do it!

Earn stars by playing (more points you get more stars earn).
You can earn other stars by sharing your scores on facebook

In short, an update will allow you to get stars for free with the codes that we will offer you following us on our facebook page

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