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Can you help Qach! save the ducks?
Ok, so we really need your help like now. The nasty evil (Don't be Evil) geese have invaded Quackville and are now ransacking the place. Qach and his fellow ducks have been hiding and trying to stay out of their way but now they have gone to far: They have entered the duckhouse and stolen our eggs. This is where you come in...
I guess their plan is to break all the eggs and doom ducks forever. Only you and Qach, working together, can catch the eggs and juggle them until they hatch. Throw them into nests, throw them at the geese, snap some points by hitting coins but above all else keep them in the air until they hatch.
Seem Simple? yeah, right :)
From the makers of Quackville! on iOS, Welcome to Qach!

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