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The tower of elves

Summon Legend

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Legend of Summoning – Elven Tower is an original leisure + pet cultivation game. With a very popular and intricate theme, rich and colorful elven world, this game will suck you right in, and as you start exploring deeper into this elven world, you will start to understand it’s true secrets, and eventually become the world’s Godess’s warrior, a hero and protector of the Elven world.

【Game Background】
In another dimension, unknown to man, the great Godess created a whole new and colorful world.The Godess then planted the tree that is the mother to all living things. Over a thousand years, the Elven tree made mountains, oceans, land, rivers, forests, grassy plains, and many different landscapes. The Godess also blessed this world with the unique power of magic, and in this magical world, came a species of small mystical creatures, which the Godess named “Elves”, and this world became known as the world of Elves. After a very long time, the Godess grew weary from maintaining the Elven world, so she decided to rest for a period of time. But the worried that during this time, evil forces may come and invade this beautiful world, the Godess decided to summon from another world, a brave, kind-hearted warrior to protect the Elven world. Now, you are this warrior, embrace the Godess’s summoning with your wisdom and passion! Start your journey into becoming the Elven world’s protector!

【Gaming Methods & Features】
This isn’t a game where it’s simply destroy the crystal to defeat the enemy and win. Every color is in correspondance with the elves standing in different positions. They are also related to the Elve’s abilities. In order to defeat the enemy, it requires each warrior to have the cunning wits and the have the courage to explore different options. Each and every elf can become your close companion, they will fight at your side, and their abilities and loyalties towards you all depends on your actions! The abilities that elf’s have are differentiated into – attacking, guarding, recovering, force, and skill. Players use the pentagram to place elves into positions to ahieve different results in battle! After the first payment, the system grants you with a cake pet on a daily basis, with lots of fusion experience, because you deserve the best!
Compatible with all IOS devices-fully support English.

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