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King of Scoring is an absolutely fascinating shooting game. It applies advanced physical engine to imitate the true feeling of shoot. As a player, in order to get more points, you can either make use of the double hit or take advantage of the spare time reward if you shoot quiet fast and accurately. This game includes traditional shooting mode, neoteric fixed shooting mode and more exciting challenge mode. So what are you waiting for? Do it right now!

Feature of the Game:

***Diverse Modes***
This game provides users with three modes: classic mode, fixed shooting mode and challenge mode. Different modes will bring you different experiences.

***Exhilarating Gold Coin System***
This system will certainly stimulate you to pursuit faster shooting speed and higher shooting average.

***Changeable Shooting System***
You have many ways to shoot and can shoot at any distance. In this game, you can realize you shooting dream.

***Challenge in limited time.***
Challenge is time-limited in each game. You must race against time. Remember! Time is money! Time is points!

***Madden Music***
While listening to the magic music and experiencing the amazing shooting effect, you will inevitably enjoy yourself!

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