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Night Knight Free


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★★★★★Night Knight★★★★★

"Jerry, and his companions swept through the barn, hearty meal, under the catch-up in Tom's, fled to the forest, to return to their lair, but they do not know, world peace, the night guard Knight, awaits them ~ ~ ~ "
"The next staging of the show is not a cat and mouse, but between you and the thief fierce fighting ~ ~ ~"
In night, the owl bear mission, dedicate the life, quietly be chivalric……

Share the new game with lovely owl and rats together.

A simple and intuitive way to touch, much easier than the most of the other games. it is a more entertaining game.

Catch the rats!
Tap the rat which is appearing within the scope of the owl to death,try your best to catch more mice!

*Fun,fast-paced game for everyone
*The controls are simple
*Challenge the limits,Beyond yourself
*Beautiful and hazy picture

★★★★★Night Knight★★★★★

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