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The Greedies is a deceptively simple arcade free runner that will twist your brain and cross your eyeballs! You have one minute to steal as much cash as possible from the unsuspecting citizens you knock over...without getting caught by the cops!

Welcome to Greed City, where everybody is out to get theirs... Especially YOU, *Scarlet Snake* -- international mistress of thievery. To succeed you will need to master the tools of thievery...

Tools of thievery:

- SIMPLE CONTROLS! Tap center to change directions. Slide your finger to swap PORTALS! COMBOS! Run over lines of citizens to make them drop MAD CASH!

- POWER-UPS! Use ICE AGE to freeze everyone in place. Use BULL RAGE to speed run through everyone including COPS! Trigger the FIRE ALARM to scare everyone out of hiding. Earn the TIME BONUS to extend your game and increase your SCORE!

- MASTER THE PORTALS and you can trap cops and citizens, make narrow escapes, and target high value citizens!

Be naughty...
Download the Greedies

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