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studioR.E.E.L / MA.YU.MO.RI

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Shot the arrow, and release the power of flowers!

We made this appli so that you can enter, going on a journey in a picturebook.
We would be happy if you enjoy your journey in the lonely world with a bow and archery, and flowers.
And feel the scent of flowers and winds in "MA.YU.MO.RI (a cocoon guardian) World."

Only Japanese at a present.
English version is coming soon!

Theme song "Song of MA.YU.MO.RI"
- Vocal: Megumi Ida
- Lyrics: Masahiro Kataoka
- Composers: Kumi Tanioka

- Basic scenario: Free, (3 scenarios)
- Add scenario: Pay, (4 scenarios released)
We have plans to deliver additional scenarios.

*Up-to-date information
- You can get the latest information on our website or on Twitter.
- Http://
- Twitter account: @ studio_REEL

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