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roaraykitroaraykit / MOx4 labo.

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Oh my carton !
Remove the AWKWARD CARTONs mixed into other cartons, but don't drop the normal carton.

+ Total Level 147 ! various stages.
+ Leaderboard score ranking. The few caught count will be higher score.
+ Finger Around View function is had. You don't have to plead that I can not look around my finger.
+ On the physics engine, learn the trick.[[Note]] A recorded data will be cleared on this update.
(Cause is wrong data position. It is bug, was repaired on this time.)
Big sorry for my mistake, hyper jumping apology !
I hope you will replay and challenge...

- Level +40. (total 147)
- 5 stars clear ranking on Leaderboard.
- MoreGame.
- Adjusted frame-rate of the physics process.
- Fixed bug. (piercing ..)

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