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Gazoodle Colours


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Are you ready for a new challenge? Gazoodle Colours is a new take on the classic "15" or "slide the squares" puzzles many of us grew up playing. It is easy to play, yet difficult to master. Each time you play, the colored tiles are automatically jumbled for you. How fast can you line up the colors? Can you beat your last best time or your friend's best time?

The object of Gazoodle is to arrange the tiles (in the upper grid) into the same pattern as those shown in the smaller grid, and to do it faster than anyone else. This is more of a challenge than one might imagine, since with each move, an entire row or column of tiles is shifted left, right, up or down (along with the empty spaces between the tiles). Tap an arrow, or swipe to move an entire row or column.

There are 3 levels of "Brainteaser" puzzles: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and three "Competition" puzzles. Starting with the Brainteaser puzzles, challenge yourself to get the fastest solution times. Once you have mastered the Brainteaser puzzles, you are ready to go on to the Competition puzzles. Compete against others by taking a screen shot showing your completed puzzle and time, then post it to, as you challenge everyone, everywhere, to do better. Note: The "Competition" puzzles all start with the same mixed tile arrangement so that everyone starts with the exact same challenge.

This challenging and addictive puzzle is the first in a series of new and innovative slide puzzle apps invented by Arthur Venditti, a 45 year veteran of the U.S. Toy and Game industry. Check our website often,, since new and more challenging variations (not based on colors) will be periodically released.

Challenge your mind as you have a fun time! Gazoodle: a classic in the making.

©2013, The Product Development Network- Added a split second timer, which all but eliminates ties. Now close games are even closer
- Added directional arrows to show viable moves for faster games
- Added a tutorial

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