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Juicy Hunt

FMS. / wiwddev



Use your skills and strategy to help two friends lost in the middle of the tropical forest to pick up juicy fruits to make a refreshing juice.

How to play:
Drag the item (sandal, stone etc...) and release to throw.

Details (game story):

Juicy hunt is the story of two friends lost in the middle of the tropical forest who are very thirsty. It is very hot and humid and they decide to find some fruit to make a delicious and refreshing juice!
After several hours of searching, they find an orchard containing many fruits trees filled with appetizing fruits! But how to pick up the fruits? Can you help them?
Throw your weapons (the sandal, the pebble or stick) at the tree to pick the fruits. But, beware of the mighty bees! They will attack you if you destroyed their nest! You should also be very precise to avoid the dense foliage that can trap your arms! Use the guide to help you choose the right direction and the right strength.
Did you notice the birds? They also want fruits! Therefore, you need to fight them as well and accumulate more opportunities to play.
Now that you have removed all obstacles and set your strategy, choose the fruit you want and start the Juicy Hunt!!

Good luck.

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