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Who Is Who Saga 2013

AníbalLeón / ALLSof

Original_11136640 Original_21136640


Introducing the new who's who!

Multilingual and multiplatform
You can play in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese or Italian! Soon there will be even more languages.

Different game modes
You can enjoy exciting games against the CPU or a friend, or try the new game mode in which you are allowed to lie!

Gameplay against CPU
Beat levels guessing who is behind your friend and earn points to climb positions in the world ranking!

Gameplay Original who's who
In this game mode have to guess who your partner, as in the who's who of all life.

Gameplay lying to
In this new game mode you can lie to your opponent, but beware, if you suspect you have the chance to discover yourself and gain the game.

Design, recommendations and acknowledgments
This version of who's who has a friendly design, sound options, global ranking, and connection to social networks. Welcome any inquiry, recommendation, or new ideas that a user wants to send.

*** Do not hesitate and download and the new who's who as we continue to improve it! ***

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