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JinOueJung / PangaeaSolution Inc.

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One day, strangers attacked a peaceful artic land.
Their aim is to obtain tremendous leathers of half seal, The Soft and Warm.

Fortunately, Harppy escaped from the strangers poaching the half seals but Harppy's family and friends already got poached.

Now, Harppy, the Brave, is starting to adventure with his friends to save his family.

Happy Harppy is A Running Adventure Game by using tilting and touching screen.
Compete with Facebook friends to High Score with Harppy's adventure!

※ 4 main characters and 6 pet characters.
- Let's go into adventures with 4 main characters : Harppy, Boogy, Barqoo, Sharky

※ Easy to control
- Only Tilting(to move) and Touching (to jump)

※ Lively Game
- Faster and faster speed! Various obstacles!

※ Fever Time!
- Fever Time is activated by Filling Guage after obtaining Star in the game.

※ Whale Jump
- Big Jump with a big and kind whale's assistance.

※ Missions
- Various missions and rewards!

※ Facebook linked
- Compete rankings and exchange Fish with your Facebook friends.

If you are Happy Harppy's fan,
Click 'likes' in Happy Harppy's Facebook page and receive updated news.

* Required iOS version : 4.3
* Required Android version : 2.2(Froyo)

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