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Cut The Box

TwistMobile / Twist Mobile

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A fabulous puzzle game where you have to cut and drop boxes to floor and enjoy pure physics and feeling of particles.

*This game is developed using a tool that has been developed as a layer above Cocos2dX by our team to reduce development time and effort by many folds.*

Use cuts, tricks and techniques to drop boxes on floor to get three stars. A pure physics based game to challenge your wits.

The game is divided into 3 unique zones & each zone has 30 attractive levels. Each level has specific shapes & layouts which require different solving strategies. Enjoy 90 addictive levels with realistic physics engine in a very challenging game.

Finished all levels? Try to complete all levels faster with fewer slices and earn 3 stars! Start enjoying the realistic slicing effect!!!

Key features:
- 3 zones with 90 levels
- 3 different adorable themes: Birthday, Friendship, Love
- 7 different box shapes
- Realistic physics engine
- Boxes with different physical properties: Neutral, Target, Risky, Solid & Bolt
- Platforms with different physical properties: Normal, Sticky, Jumper, Slippery & Conveyor belts

The game is available on Android

Coming Soon on iOS, Blackberry and Windows phone.


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