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American Checkers


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Do you like hamburgers? I am sure you do. Then, for sure you will enjoy playing American Checkers!

No matter if you are bored of Chess or regular Checkers. It's time for you to try the American version of this classic board game, which Checkers without a doubt are.

In this version you can play against "a quite clever CPU" or your real-life friend - on one device!
The big advantage of "American Checkers" is calm but colorful graphics, which will not disturb you while playing the game.

The rules are quite simple:
★ the regular pieces can move one square forward diagonally
★ you can beat the opponent's piece by jumping over his or her pieces
★ if there are multiple jumps available, you have to make all available steps in this sequence
★ the regular piece becomes a king (is kinged) if you move him into the last row of your opponent's side
★ the king can move forward and backward by one square diagonally and beat only these pieces, which are adjacent diagonally
★ JUMPS are MANDATORY! - but you can choose the sequence

Below more detailed description:

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