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LarigeDeveloper / Larige


What is YOUR sin? Ever since its creation, Sins presented themselves all the time among us. There are total 7 deadly sins: Pride, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Wrath, and Gluttony. Let’s join a memorable, genuine, intriguing and mysterious journey to solve puzzles and discover YOUR sin. This 7 Sins entertainment application is to take you on a puzzle adventure to tease your mind and to discover: “What is YOUR sin?”


● Select a Sin on the board and then select an empty square on the board to move a Sin. Once you finish a moving, 3 new Sins will appear on the board.
● Try to arrange five or more Sins of the same type in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines to earn score and these Sins will be destroyed.

● 4 main modes: Revelation, Solicitude, Endeavor, Vanquishment.
● Mode Revelation: Introduction of the game with gameplay. You must solve puzzles to unlock mode Solicitude.
● Mode Solicitude: Some sins are frozen. You must solve puzzles to melt the ice in order to move the Sins. Some special features and effects will be added to help melt the ice, such as CS features, and unlock mode Endeavor.
● Mode Endeavor: You now have to keep an eye on the ES. The ES must be destroyed quickly or it will destroy the game and lead You to a deadly dark ending.
● Mode Vanquishment: Unlocked through hints from mode Revelation, Solicitude and Endeavor. This is heaven where You can comfortably keep the balance of the game with a set of fully supportive items and features.
● Explore and solve puzzles in the game to unlock modes and collect achievements, as well as discover yourself.
● Collect 42 achievements through 3 levels during playing SINS.

● Share your score and compete to your friends on Game Center
● Share your fun and your achievements on Facebook and Twitter
● Enjoy beautiful display and melodies in game

● Character avatars, game soundtracks for free at:
● The game is not just about entertainment. It is a knowledge adventure to discover yourself in your life, please refer to this blog for further information:
● Directly support game problems and issues via website: or email

● Discover yourself
● Have great fun
● Tease your mind
● Learn some knowledge about Sins and life

● contact@larige.comFix some freeze bugs.

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