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Corsair's Jewels

JanTichy / Hectopixel

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This game brings many new exciting features to the classic match-3 game style. Together with briliant graphics, this is a must-have for all who love jewel-matching games.

Magic jewels - Match a magic jewel to destroy all jewels around it
Flash jewels - Tap the flash jewel to destroy all gems in a column.
Joker jewels - Destroy all jewels of a selected color.
Extra time - Get this power-up to extend your time by 20 seconds.
Hints power-up - Reveal all available matches.
Reshuffle power-up - Change positions of all the jewels on board.
Share your score on Facebook and compete with your friends.

Time attack mode - Reach target score while time is running out
Arcade mode - Time is running out, but you can extend it by doing matches. You win when you reach full time bar.

Big thanks to everyone for playing, feedback, and support!

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