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The Fishing Star has finally landed up to the Apple Application Store!
No need to line up!
Fishing Star is a deep-sea fishing game.Players can catch dozens of marine lives, such as squid, piranha, angry puffer fish and large sharks and many other aggressive bosses! The fish will become coins that roll! You can upgrade your weapons, in addition to ordinary nets, as well as torpedoes and many fragments bombs...So what?Join us!

1. On line, the system will be presented five nets per minute ; off line, the system will replenish you till 200 when your net number is less than 200.
2. Drifting bottles will appear when you get a certain score. Remember to capture them, because they can supplement your nets number.
3. You need more than a few times to capture some large fishes such as turtles, it would move forward every time during capturing. But of course the mark will be satisfied when you capture such kind of fish. And remember to use torpedoes or fragments bombs,because they are very gelivable!

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