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Jewels & Dragon Saga

QuanNguyen / GrepGame

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"Jewels & Dragon saga" is a classic match 3 game with many new exciting features.

You work in a diamond mine and your mission is to dig down to find the dragon quest which is described in the saga

If you match 5 identical jewels in a row, you will get a dragon ball. The dragon ball has super power and can be used to destroy all the diamonds

How to play game:

- Match 3 or more identical jewels.
- Match 5 jewels to get dragon ball
- Make matches directly next to ground, when the diamond dash ground tiles will be destroyed
- Clear all ground tiles down to the gold chains before the time in temple runs out

Highlighted Features:

- Free game, pro music
- HUD is a miner machine runs inside a temple
- Pro jewels magic effects

*Next version of jewels & dragon saga:
- Beside jewel miner we will add jewel star and quest, maze mode
- More diamonds, more star jewels, maps and levels, jewel mania badges

Download now, bejeweled and become jewel legend

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