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Hold 50 sec


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The introduction of the game
Do you remember the game which named “special training99” in our computer classroom? Although the screen of the game is simple, it has wonderful properties induce us to play, the happiness when we got higher grades than others.
In this game,can you insist 50 seconds? I(the developer)insisted 72.5 seconds, if you are a man, if you are a real man, then come
to defeat me! haha.
The game adds a new function to challenge which named “Game center”, you can challenge with friends all over the world. You can accept the challenge from your friends all over the world, the new challengers will be displayed in the game screen straightly, come to defeat them!

Operation introduction
★ You can touch every position of the screen to control the direction of the plane to hide the bullet on the screen,to find who can insist longer times than others.
★ You have a chance to resurrect, please to cherish it.

The properties of the game
★ A good property to control.
★ A very difficult achievement wait for your challenge.
★ A single hand is ok, you can release your another hand.
★ More time you insist, the color and the speed of the bullets will change.
★ If you see the red bullets, then your reaction belongs to master.
★ If you can see the blue bullets, then you cannot be human beings.(I guess)

The technique of the game
★ If you want good grades, you must concentrate more, or your plane will quickly crash.
★ Your eyes cannot be focus on the plane, you need to observe the number and the routines of the bullets, in the way, your brain can have a quickly reaction and make a best routine to hide.

The system version: above 5.0(including 5.0)
Equipment supporting: all series of apple, and specially optimized to iPhone5 and iPad4.Fixed crash bug in friend list.

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