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Rage of Heroes

OskardOskard / murka games

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Rage of Heroes, an incredibly exciting game in a style of a collectible RPG, offers you to set for a wonderful journey and immerse yourself into the world of exciting adventures!
Try to become the leader of the team of the most incredible creatures—beautiful elves, tough gnomes, mysterious elementals, and representatives of many other races!
Collect a unique team that is appropriate for the style of the game for you – and you will be able to defeat all the enemies, clearing the world from the ancient evil!
Improve and develop your squad, so that you could turn ordinary soldiers into invincible heroes!
Ancient caves, snowy mountains and wild forests, full of dangers and wonders, are waiting for you!

#Spectator battles in the most diverse areas—from the frozen mountain peaks, to the glowing volcanic plains!
#The developed system of challenges—new adventures are constantly waiting for you!
#Invite your friends to share the adventures, and enjoy the game together!
#All the characters evolve and grow, improving their skills, and changing their appearance!
#The perfect incidental music won't let you lose the spirit of the fantastic adventure!

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