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TimeGarden is Free for celebrating our new game release--Robo5!

Please check out
Website(online Demo):


An excellent fantastic Action Puzzle game that you don't want to miss ---《Time Garden》 now is launched in Apple Store
Spend your time in the mystery garden with little girl "Lulu"and help her conquer those amazing challenges with your brilliant intelligence
Please check play video here:

You can line up blossom flowers to collect them, try to get the coin and defeat Time monster to achieve the mission goals. The game will give you an exciting and joyful experience.
Start your secret journal in the mystery garden today and enjoy the fun!

Creative and unique ideas about the game for story mode:
- Different flower patterns: Seven beautiful types of time flower for you to discover.
- Flower growth system: Seed Period, Bloom Period and Fade Period.
- Acceleration: Help your flower to grower faster through double clicks on a flower
- Time monster: Use your own wisdom and tacticto defeat those Time monsters and their BOSS!
- Assisted Items: Need some help in the game process? We offer you a set of useful items to help you finish missions easily.
- Multiple endings: Whether the little girl can escape from the Time garden? It depend on your effort!
- Collection of parts of Time machines: Collect parts and then fix the time machine to see the true ending and open more game mode
Substantial Challenge: 31 normal levels and 31 advanced levels are waiting for you to conquer .

The game also offers you three extra challenge modes:
1. Level-up mode. The default mode. Finsh different levels steps by steps. The difficulty of the game will increase when you finish more and more levels.
3. 5+1 mode. Try to finish the mini level within 5 seconds.Your Observation and response capacity will be challanged.
2. Infinite mode. No time constrants ,forget pressures. Just enjoy the pure fun of game.

-Supports iPad,iPad2, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3rd generation and later devices. For the best experience, play on iPad,iPad2, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th generation or later devices.
-Runs on iOS 4.0 or later.Fix the bug on iPad 2 wifi version.(The game cannot display correclty in full screen)

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