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Arcade World

KenChan / PICK Technology Limited

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Manage your own Arcade Center and try to upgrade to 5 Star.

Develop your own arcade game and serve for your customer.

Build specific combination games, will increase games popular and revenue.

Hire talented staff and train them to develop their ability.

When your center keep improve the grade, you should invest different project to expand your center, attach more customer and staff.

Work hard and you should reach the top of the arcade center on the world!

#### Highlight:
- Building Arcade Games and Facilities
- 5 star Arcade game center you should reach
- Expand building limited as investment
- Hire staff to increase popular and help to develop new games
- Develop own new Arcade games base on existing games
- Over 100+ client waiting to reach your arcade game center
- Try to reach 100% let all client be your fans
- Hidden client and staff, should you see them? like Zombie, Hero... etc
- Good combination increase your revenue and popular
- See your sales report, are your arcade game center rich now?
- finally, this is cute pixel art, we think you love it :D

Avaliable language: Traditional Chinese and English








#### 遊戲主要功能:
- 建造遊戲機及各種設施
- 爭取成為5星級遊戲機中心
- 透過不同投資項目擴展遊戲機中心的可建範圍
- 聘請員工以增加人氣及開發新遊戲
- 透過現有遊戲的啟發,開發新遊戲
- 超過100位客人等待光臨遊戲機中心
- 嘗試讓全部客人成為遊戲機中心的忠實支持者
- 還有不少穩藏客人及角色等待我們
- 良好的遊戲排列方法,會有意想不到的效果!
- 看看遊戲機中心的銷售報告,就會知遊戲機中心是否很富有了!
- 最後,希望各位喜歡這個可愛的像素美術! :D

支援語言: 繁體中文及英文

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