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Submarine Hunter


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Before the game starts, the player will select which of the three Dukes of Surf characters he will be (driving the submarine). Each player has a different gun as follows:

•JP has a "NUKU-ZOOKA" Gun: Bazooka type gun that blows things up. It has less accuracy and is a little squirly when you fire it, but can blow up "bad fish" and rock/coral obstacles. It takes a little longer to reload, but is the most devastating.
•LEE has a "NUKUNATOR : This is a shotgun style gun that sprays 5 pellets at once. Not super accurate, but sprays over more space so you have the chance to kill multiple bad fish with one shot. This reloads faster than the "Nuku-zooka" and can be shot again almost immediately.
•FISH has a "NUKAZER": This is a laser gun with extreme accuracy and instant reload ability. Can fire super fast and accurate, but not super strong.

Submarine Hunter is an exciting new shooting game for iPhone and iPad.

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