Since 2010, cocos2d-x has been used to build thousands of games, running on phones, tablets, desktop, and even TVs. Here are just a sample of the awesome games and apps made by cocos2d-x. Do you have an app you want to showcase? Tell us about it.


Another pixel worker from sector 169


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Ever wondered how a computer screen works?

Tiny little pixel factories build the images you see on the screen. One pixel at a time. This daunting task is done by hundreds of dedicated and loyal pixel workers.

Do you have the skills to be...

Another pixel worker from sector 169?

"A game so ahead of its time it was ignored by all gaming sites on the web. A shame. I played it a lot while we were filming Battleship Potemkin". Sergei Eisenstein

★ 128 images in 16 awesome colors!
★ Game center leaderboards!
★ Game center achievements!
★ Creative!!
★ Stunning!!!
★ Original!!!!
★ Cool!!!!
★ Addictive!!!!
★ Fun!!!!
★ Excessive use of adjectives and exclamation marks!!!!!
Fixed minor bugs

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