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roaraykitroaraykit / MOx4 labo.

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This is the solid geometry puzzle of new type !?
3D brain training game ! Try your memory and spatial perception !

[*] How to play
The triangle tiles of various color are put on the ball.
You tap a tile then adjoining tiles move clockwise.
You repeat this operation and make pentagons of one color.
If all pentagons complete, it is the finished.
- By dragging the screen, the ball rotates.

[*] World score ranking
Fewer tap count and short time is higher score.
In addition, prepared the leaderboard for NORMAL/HARD 12 COLORS levels.

[*] Levels
If you have self confidence. You can start from difficult level.
These levels are no locked.

[*] Save
You can continue from a halfway point, even if the application have closed.
* By "RETRY" or "LEVEL SELECT", save data will be reset .

[*] Speed
Movement speed can be changed in setting.

[*] Hint ?
It comes back at 3 times.

"HARD 12 COLORS" is main in the DODECA STELLA.
But, as it is difficult, you can start from the level of few colors.
You will learn the trick and try to clear "HARD 12 COLORS".

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