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Risk Wars

AníbalLeón / ALLSoftware

Original_a Original_c


A new and improved Risk has come to Android !

With this new version of the famous war game, enjoy a more dynamic style of Risk without losing a drop of fun. Several options have been added graphics and effects could be increased even more over time. Take a look at the screenshots and you will see the possibilities offered by this new Risk.
Get all the achievements available and increase his military rank to become the best player on the world stage Risk . 45 achievements and 8 military ranges as you go getting better during the game. Are you ready ?
You have different maps to play . In this first version , these are Europe , North America and the classic world map. Submit your own maps and will be added in future releases at the beginning of each month.
Play against your friends or against the CPU. The game is designed for 2-6 players.
Risk supports both phones and tablets and is on all platforms (IOS , Blackberry and soon Windows Phone) .
Risk is available in the languages ​​English, German , Spanish , French , Portuguese and Italian for the moment . Soon will add new languages ​​as Chinese , Russian and Japanese.
Try it now and rate it for the project to proceed ! Thank you very much everyone for your help .

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