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Wizard Walls Free

AlexanderBorisov / Borisoft Ltd.

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Orcs and goblins have begun to pillage the land!
Luckily, a Wizard has come to fend off the rock-throwing threat!
Play as the Wizard in this defense game, where you try to protect sheep, dragons, & townsfolk from the rock-throwing hordes! Create up to three shields for your companions, bouncing the boulders back to the orcish brutes and goblin balloon brigades! Play in five game modes that each test your spell-slinging skills, collecting coins from fallen enemies to unlock a wide array of spells!
"It's crazed line drawing gameplay will definitely keep you amused!" -review by JayIsGames
-Great defensive gameplay, where you bounce rocks and sling spells to help defeat the enemy hordes!
-25 levels with more to come in later releases!
-Six spells to buy and unlock, each with its own ranks and power-ups!
-Enjoyable by all ages, especially 4 and up!
-Five fun and frantic game modes that keep you on your toes!
*Protect the Sheep: Save the sheep from falling stones deflecting the thrown rocks!
*Tower Offense: Cover your party from stones and help them reach the tower to take it down!
*Save the Dragon: Destroy all the enemies trying to harm the baby dragon!
*Caravan Escort: Protect the caravan from rocks and boulders while it makes its way to the other side!
*Engineer Assistance: Defend the engineer while he builds a crossbow on the tower!

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