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Princess Fashion

DevinPutra / Captive Games


Princess Fashion is a new dress up game that will gives you the player more features to be a fashion designer. You can make your tops into short sleeve, mid sleeve, or long sleeve. Just pull or push the sleeve up and down to stretch the length you want. You can do the same for bottoms - turn shorts into pants, short skirts to long skirts. It’s all up to you. You can make thousands of different combinations when you combine them with the print colors and designs that are available. So get your creative hat on and start making your own designed outfits for your fashion princess!

- Custom color and patterns for fabrics
- Make clothes short or long by pulling and pushing the outfit
- Fun three mini games (Falling Object, Memory, and Match Up Drees)

How to Play:
1 - Choose your princess model
2 - Tap on princess shirt/top to change style
- Tap on princess arms to add sleeves to shirt/top
3 - Tap on princess pants/bottom to change style
4 - Tap on sewing machine to change color or pattern for your top, bottom, or sleeves
5 - Tap back arrow to return to your princess model
6 - Tap on closet to access more items to dress up your princess. Tap on trashcan to remove an item from princess' outfit. Use coins to add more items to your closet. Earn coins n the Go Play section or buy more coins
7 - Tap on Go Play to play games to earn coins
8 - Tap on camera to save picture of your princess model. Pictures are stored on SD card/Fashion folder.

Known Issues:
- When resuming game, graphics may show up as black shadowed squares. Tap on graphics or tap on to another screen to restore graphics.

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