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Sleeping Beauty - Pink Paw Books Interactive Fairy Tale Series

YongguiChoi / WiseKids

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Will Sleeping Beauty ever wake from the evil witch’s spell?

This captivating telling of “Sleeping Beauty” is complete with imaginative narration, fun interactive features, and stunning illustrations. A magical story about fate, love and bravery, children will be drawn into the narrative through the delicate drawings and simple, yet evocative, text. The timeless tale is bound to enchant your child, teaching them about overcoming hardship through the troubled, yet ultimately triumphant, journey of Sleeping Beauty.

Softly rendered original illustrations glow with warmth, welcoming even the smallest of children into the magical world of castles, fairies and princesses.

Fairytales introduce many life lessons that can help children grow into the world around them with wisdom and understanding. In particular, classic tales that have withstood the test of time and cultures around the world, remind even adults of the innocence, importance of morals, and insight into the human nature. Pink Paw Books has recreated a series of fairytales, in collaboration with professional illustrators, to enhance the hidden treasures of the old tales. Utilizing the digital device to its full potential, we have designed this interactive fairytale series to encourage children to discover true enjoyment of literature.

Each interactive book app provides seven different language settings and a choice of three different reading modes (Read-Along, Read Myself and Auto-Play) to fit the needs of readers of diverse ages and levels. Parents and teachers are encouraged to further discuss the story with the information provided in the Parents’ Menu, which includes background information about the tale and an introduction to the illustrator and his/her artwork.


Features of WiseKids' Pink Paw Books Fairy Tale Series:

Enjoy Pink Paw Books’ beautifully illustrated interpretation of the classic tale of “Sleeping Beauty”!

-Unique and outstanding illustrations drawn by professional artists
-Fun embedded interactive features and entertaining narration linked to the storyline
-Stunning music and sound effects composed by a professional producer
-3 different reading modes: Read-Along, Read Myself and Auto-Play
-Instant transition between Main and Sub-language within each scene
-Supports 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean
-Supported on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (Universal)


As a company engaging in children's education, WiseKids takes the privacy and safety of your children very seriously. We maintain and enforce high standards for all privacy concerns.

This application does NOT:
- collect personally identifiable information from children
- offer or endorse in-app purchase of any sort
- contain third-party advertisements
- offer external links without appropriate parental gate
- require SNS integration


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