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Jumping Buddy

IvanPetrovic / Finalhit Ltd.

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Help Buddy the dog make his way home through the zoo by jumping on top of the moving platforms while avoiding wild animals and zoo security guards! Venture through the Animal Circus, Majestic Mountains, Great Plains, and African Savannah habitats as you dodge Bald Eagles, Silverback Gorillas, Giant Capybaras, and the ever present Zoo Security.

Make your way to the top of each of the twenty levels to advance to the next as you help Buddy get home safely and earn points along the way! Can you make it before he gets caught? Can you be the High Scorer? Find out!


Don't just play the game, make the game! Have suggestions for awesome levels, amazing places Buddy could visit, vicious enemies, or other incredible things to add? Buddy's adventure is always growing, so let us know and they just might make it in!

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